The Education Justice Academy Fellowship is a 10-week program offered during Summer and Winter Quarter, combining education and the translation of research to policy and practice. The fellowship is a commitment of 4 hours/week for 10 weeks. The program is hosted by Education Justice Academy (EJA), a non-profit that was launched via Public-Service Leadership Project at Stanford Law School, and the Knight-Hennessy Scholars Program

The fellowship: EJA trains school board leaders to center educational justice in their work. Fellows work as a team with students to identify, through qualitative and quantitative evaluation, those issues which are most pressing in their communities. Student fellows will then collaborate with individual members to support them in achieving their goals, studying existing school board policies, designing potential platforms, translating research and best practices into evidence-based interventions, and writing op-eds or white papers. Students will also be given the opportunity to learn how to create a theory of change using Stanford’s Center on Social Innovation “Problem Solving for Social Change” workbook. 

Previous Projects

- Researching how to create a community school district in a rural CA community
- Evaluating school safety plans for LGBT student and staff protections
- Interrupting disproportionate special education outcomes for Black and Brown students  


Interested in being a fellow? Please email hello@edjusticeacademy.org a one page statement of interest, and include three experiences that would be relevant to the fellowship. Spots will be filled on a rolling basis after an interview.

School Boards

Do you sit on or work with a school board that would like to participate in the fellowship? Please email hello@edjusticeacademy.org.