The Future of

School Leadership

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The new faces of school leadership

Run for school board!

The Future of

School Leadership

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Democracy Starts with school boards

The Challenge

Board members today face increasingly complex, interwoven social and environmental challenges: pandemics, natural disasters, increasing economic inequality, civil unrest, and racial justice. However, in contrast to other elected officials, school board members rarely have staff or support in navigating governance challenges as they arise.

School boards oversee a large portfolio including district budgeting, setting policy, hiring the Superintendent, approving labor contracts, disciplinary cases, and school expulsion. Despite this large portfolio of responsibilities, board members have minimal training, and only 10 states have mandatory training requirements.
By th

School Boards have impact


There are 90,000 school board members in America


That's 1 in 5 elected officials in the United States


The average age of school board members is 64


80% are white and 68% do not have kids in school

78 million

They oversee nearly 14,000 districts and serve 78 million students

$750 billion

In total school boards control $750 billion in funds

Right now, many school board members fulfill their responsibilities based on intuition alone.

Our Communities Deserve Better.Our communities deserve better.

Run for school board!

Better school boards = A stronger democracy

The Opportunity

School board member coaching would improve the effectiveness, enhance the impact, and strengthen the accountability of board member performance in districts with the highest need.

Education Justice Academy mentors potential school board members who can help convert educational theories into actionable plans for policy leaders in school districts where the need is greatest.

EJA recruits, trains, and supports school board members to increase educational justice and equity at the district level.

There are 90,000 school board members in the united states

The largest number of elected officials in the country

Their median age is 59

40% are retired

68% do not have kids in school

80% identify as white

The Challenge

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Their resopnsibilities include:

budgeting, policy, hiring superintendants, approving labor contracts, approving curriculum, health care/mental health services, racial justice, Disciplinary cases, school expulsion, responding to natural disasters, fundraising, special ed, working with other elected officials, providing meals, and more.

representation matters

School board leadership is essential to equity in our communities

let's bring some
to school boards

Justice at the District Level ///

We train highly competent school governance leaders to advance educational justice in schools.

EJA will create high-quality school board governance leadership by recruiting local leaders and preparing them to run for school board. In our 10-week academy candidates will develop a 4-year action plan and learn how to enact policies that advance educational justice at the district level. Once elected or appointed, EJA supports school board members in their roles through coaching, mentoring, cohort-based learning, and continuous improvement support.


We focus on recruiting and identifying leaders from communities that are underrepresented on their district’s current school board.


Cohort candidates will develop a district specific four year plan to address student achievement during our ten-week academy.


We help prospective candidates build a community powered campaign plan with support from a mentor board member.


EJA supports graduates through  1:1 coaching, mentoring, and a community of peer board members focused on educational justice. 


the next generation of school leaders are here

Every district has knowledgeable and capable potential board members who reflect the diversity of their community. EJA gives candidates the tools they need to create sustainable change in school districts.

Education Justice Academy envisions school boards that make a profound difference in the quality and culture of school districts to improve student outcomes.

The Academy

Training candidates before they run ensures they are prepared for the commitment of the role and have the appropriate time to develop skills and knowledge to become highly effective school board members. Through the cohort model, we will create a tight-knit network of board members across the state who can mentor, support, and learn from each other's successes and failures, better preparing them for districts with system-wide needs.

Apply to be in the next cohort or nominate someone from your community!
Deadline to apply is July 1st 2022


Briana Mullen
School Site Council and LPAC/LCAP member Registered Nurse, fmr Planned Parenthood“Educational justice is meeting the physical, social and emotional needs of every student and their family, so that the student can have equitable access to engage with a high quality education.” Issues:Oakland School ClosuresEducation Finance and Charters Recruitment and Retaining HQE Budget TransparencyWrap around services
  • Briana Mullen has 10 years of experience in education policy and advocacy for students who seek a quality public education. She served as the Policy Advisor to the State Superintendent of Public Instruction, leading statewide policy initiatives at the California Department of Education, and as a Policy Consultant for the California School Boards Association where she provided policy consulting and training to 5,000+ elected officials.  She was named a 2020 Knight-Hennessy Fellow, and 2013 Cal-in-Sacramento fellow. She is the co-founder of Sac Change Coalition, a racial justice organization.  She is pursuing a Masters in Public Policy from Stanford University,  holds a Master of Arts degree from Stanford University, Graduate School of Education, and a B.A. in History and Education from the University of California, Berkeley.
Sally Ching
  • Sally Ching is a Legislative Advocate with the ACLU California Action. Prior to joining the ACLU, she served as the California Policy Manager at the Southeast Asia Resource Action Center, where she led the organization’s state-level advocacy activities on key legislation in the areas of immigration, health, and education. Driven by a commitment to advancing equity and people-powered policy, Sally has 10 years experience serving in a range of roles that allowed her to advocate for and uplift historically marginalized communities with Generation Citizens, The Education Trust-West,  and the University of California Student Association. She holds a Master of Public Policy degree from the USC Price School of Public Policy and a B.A. in Political Science from the University of California, Berkeley.
Candidate for Dixon Unified School District

Current Director of Policy & Governmental Affairs, Inland Empire Community Foundation, fmr Gov Relations for CDE etc

“Dixon is my hometown. I moved back with the intention of serving and lifting my community. Dixon is the kind of town where students graduate from high school and try to get as far from town as possible. But it's time we came back.” 

Issues: School safety, transportation, outreach to latinx families, trust and communication with school officials


Interested in applying? Let us know and we’ll follow up!

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